Is the A record for each client in the AD necessary?

2626-0808-161616 08:01

The clients get their DNS records as there is a checkmark on the NIC properties (Right click the NIC, click Properties, highligt "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" and click "Properties". In the properties window, click "Advanced..." and go to the DNS tab. In the bottom there is a checkbox that says "Register this connection's addresses in DNS" which is checked by default. To prevent the clients from auto-create A-records, uncheck this box on each client (or push a script with GPO that disables it for all NICs). As to whether the record is needed or not, well, that depends. I would say that it's good to have, since you then can ping your clients using hostnames, which in many cases can be a helpfull feature both in scripting but also in standard troubleshooting.

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