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When I try to make a client join my ad domain I got an error like "dns name doesn't exist"

means that your client cannot find a DNS server that knows the location of your domain controller. You can see which DNS records specifically it cannot find if you click the details button when the error takes place.

Make sure that your client is using the correct DNS server IP address before you try to join it to the Windows domain. Also verify that the DNS server is joined to the domain and contains the necessary records for the domain controller. After you do that try to join the client to the Windows domain.

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Determine if Your Motherboard Is Dead?

1.Power up your computer and wait for a short beep.
2.Remove the RAM and the third-party video card (if there is any) and power up your computer.
3.Reset the RAM in other slots if there are any.
4.Try another working RAM if possible.
5.Check if the motherboard speaker is properly attached to its designated slot.
6.Try a different power supply.
7.Remove the motherboard out from the case and place it on an insulated surface.
8.Reset the CMOS.
9.Try inserting your other system hardware components (RAM, CPU, Power Supply) to a similar motherboard.

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How to test a hard drive for failures

Below are just a few of the possible issues you may encounter. It is important to remember that the below issues can also be caused by more than just a bad disk drive.

  1. Errors when reading, copying, moving, or deleting data on the computer.
  2. Extremely slow.
  3. Operating system unable to boot.
  4. Other random errors or computer reboots.

    Software solutions

    Below is a listing of a software programs available that are designed to test your computer's hard drive for errors.

    • Scandisk - Users running Microsoft Windows who're still able to get into Windows can utilize the already installed disk checking tool Scandisk to find and repair any errors on their hard drive.
    • Chkdsk - Another Windows command line utility to test the hard drive. If you're unable to boot into Windows, boot from the Windows CD, enter the recovery console, and run chkdsk /f to fix errors.
    • TestDisk - Fantastic free and open source utility to test and fix different hard drive errors.
    • Hitachi Drive Fitness Test (DFT) - Great third-party utility that can be used with most hard drives and supports the option to create a bootable CD image.
    • Seagate SeaTools - Fantastic and free program that is used to test all computer hard drives.
    • HDD health - Another great program that utilizes S.M.A.R.T technology to display a hard drive's statistics, such as the temperature of the drive, it's overall health, and every other SMART attribute.

    Another option is to download the files to make your own Ultimate Boot CD. This CD will contain multiple tools for testing computer hardware, including hard drives, and help fix some of those issues as well.

    Replace the hard drive

    If the hard drive appears to be bad or is generating SMART errors indicating its bad even after trying the above suggestions, we suggest replacing it.

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How do I fix a computer that says “operating system not found” when booting?

Is your hard drive detected by the BIOS?

There is the possibility that the connection to the drive has been jarred loose. The documentation for your device available from the Acer website is next to useless and I cannot find a decent shot of the underside of the computer but there should be a means to access the hard drive of your computer via a covered opening without resorting to major disassembly. On most laptops it only requires a small Philips screwdriver to remove it. Just open up the cover and ensure the drive is firmly seated in the connector.

If the drive is securely connected, you may have a failed hard drive. In this case, the drive needs to be replaced, your OS reinstalled (if you have the correct media), and your data restored from backups. You have been making backups, right?

The software side

If you can see your hard drive in the BIOS, there is a problem with the boot record or the BCD (Boot Configuration Database). To fix this, you need to have a bootable repair disc created from your system earlier or a Windows installation disc for the version of Windows currently installed on the machine. The recovery discs provided by OEMs or created by their recovery disc creation software will not work for this. They only place a new copy of the factory installed image on the system and are not the same as the Windows installation DVD.

If you have the installation disc, boot from it.

Install Disc 2

Click ‘Repair your computer’.

If you are using a Windows repair disc instead of the installation disc, when you boot you will get the following dialog.

Repair Disc 1

Because this disc was created on the same machine (or it should have been), then language will be pre-selected and you will not be able to change it, so select the appropriate keyboard type and click Next.

From here, the steps are the same no matter which disc you are using. In both cases, the system will search for all Windows installations it can find and give you a list of Windows installations it found on the system.

Repair Disc 2

Select your operating system from the list. The Load Drivers option should not be required for most user systems unless you are using RAID in which case you may not see any operating systems in the list.

After you select the OS, you will see the recovery options dialog box.

Repair Disc 3

For this problem, we have two options here that we can use to solve the problem. Startup Repair is an automatic process that will run a series of checks and try to fix anything that is preventing Windows from starting. When it is done, it will present a log of the checks it performed, the results of those tests, and any actions taken to fix the problem.

The other option is to use the command prompt to manually type in a few quick commands to resolve the issue. This method tends to be faster since it does not do all of the work of the Startup Repair option which, in this instance, should not be required.

Repair Disc 4

At the command prompt, issue the following commands, pressing Enter after each one:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd

The first command will write a new master boot record without touching the partition tables which reside at the end of the sector.  The second command will write a new boot sector on the system partition.  The third command will search the drive for OS installations that are not reflected in the current boot menu and offer the user the opportunity to add them to the menu.

The message displayed after that third command may be a little bit misleading.  It does make it seem like it didn’t find a Windows installation on the machine where I ran the command which is not the case.  It appears that it is the count of Windows installations that are not currently reflected in the BCD.

Finally, the ‘exit’ command closes the command prompt.

You are now ready to click on the Restart button on the system recovery dialog box to reboot your computer and verify that the fix is successful.

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How to Windows 7 image backup and restore

A system image is a copy of all data on a drive volume. If the hard drive fails or critical software files become corrupted, such as when a computer virus infects a system, You can restore all of your files the system image to return the contents of your computer. By default, a system image includes the drive(s) required for Windows to run. It includes Windows, your system settings, programs, and files. When restoring a computer from a system image, you cannot choose individual items to restore. All of your current programs, system settings, and files are replaced with the contents of the system image.

Step 1:
Start - Control Panel- System and Security - Back up- Create a system image
Step 2:
location to save your system image

Step 3:
On a hard disk
One or more DVDs
On a network location

Backup drive Selected
create the system image
Step 5:

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How to windows system 7 Image Restore,

Step 1:
Start - Control Panel - System and Security- Backup and Restore Center opens - Recover system Setting

Step2 :
Advanced recovery methods
restoring from the system image, back up your files such as documents, pictures, and music to an external hard disk, DVD, CD, or USB flash drive. After the recovery process is complete, Windows prompts to restore these files.

Step 3:
Backing up your files - Restart to continue the recover - Restarting the computer

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How to Set default editor in FileZilla (Credit goes to AL.Anburaj )

In this tutorial I will show you to set the default file view and edit any of your files in FileZilla live on your website.

1)      Open FileZilla program

2)      Click on Edit > Settings.

3)      Scroll Down, navigate to File Editing, and click on File Type Associations.

4)      Search for your editor program in the start (Windows) search bar.

5)      See your program show on the list, RIGHT click it and click on Properties.                

  6)      Copy and paste the location of your editor in Custom Filetype associations.

7)      Type in the file extension in front of the URL. Check below picture and set it    

8)      Click "OK".


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USB not recognizing in Windows 10

Do the following tasks

1.Device manager-->USB serial bus controllers-->properties

2.Select power management tab--->Deselect the option “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

3.Restart your computer

Note: This issue happens whatever the devices attached to desktop through USB

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How to enable or disable USB Drives or Ports in Windows 7/8/10

Go to Start > Run , type “reedit”
Start value Edit 3 to 4

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Is it possible to create a web database using MS-Access?

Yes it is possible using Share Point Services. This facility is available from Access 2010

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Display not coming after shutdown and start the machine in windows 8.1


2.Choose what the power button does

3. Untick the option "Turn on fast startup"

4. Save

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Display not coming after shutdown and start the machine in windows 8.1


2.Choose what the power button does

3. Untick the option "Turn on fast startup"

4. Save

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what to do when all programs and file open in a media player or office application?

This is problem caused by malware. Disinfect your system with a proper malware and change the affected 'path' value at 'system variables' in "Environmental Variables"
in advanced system settings to the value "C:\Windows\System32" and reboot the system.

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OPEN cmd--->>>
netsh interface>ipv4
netsh interface ipv4>show config
configuration for interface "local area connection 3"
DHCP enabled : no
IP Address :
subnet prefix :
IP Address :
subnet prefix :
default gateway :
gateway metric : 256
interface metric : 20
statically configured DNS servers:
register with which suffix : primary only
statically configured WINS servers: none
configuration for interface "loopback pseudo-interface 1"
DHCP enabled : no
IP Address :
subnet prefix :
interface metric : 50
statically configured DNS servers :none
register with which suffix :none
statically configured WINS servers :none
netsh interface ipv4>delete address "local area connection 3"
netsh interface ipv4>

after finishing this process please check ipconfig, it show only one ip in a command prompt

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How to Solve Windows 8.1 and 8 Black Screen Issue upon boot

Shut down your machine and start Power On. Start PC in safe mode.

repeatedly pressing F8 key.

Troubleshoot option selected

Troubleshoot screen, press Advanced options.

Advanced options screen selected Startup Setting


System restart , again go to pressing F8 key

Control Panel-> System-> Device Manager

isplay Adapter & disable listed Display Adapters driver. In my case its Intel HD Graphics.

UPDATE-1 - If your issue persist download & install Latest Display Card drivers & motherboard chipset drivers. I was facing same issue after above workaround but by installing latest display card & intel motherboard chipset drivers it resolved.

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What Is The Difference Between 32-Bit Vs 64-Bit Windows OS?

The 64-bit operating systems are designed to support more RAM than the 32-bit ones. Heavy applications like image editing software, AutoCAD, and games could have a considerable performance boost after your machine is packed with 16 exabytes of RAM, at least theoretically. The limit of physical memory that can be used, depends on the fact whether your motherboard will accept it or not. Practically, you don’t need hundreds of gigs of RAM for gaming sessions. Read here about how much RAM do you need for gaming.

The minimum amount of RAM required for a 64-bit OS is 2 GB in comparison to 32-bit Windows which requires 1 GB RAM. It’s somewhat obvious because with large-sized registers more memory will be required. You should pack a memory chip of size 4 GB if you wanna experience the 64-bit Windows in action. The Home edition of Windows 10 can deal with 128 GB while the Pro has some serious limits, up to 2048 GB. You can stuff your machine with as much RAM you like.

Another reason that accounts for its widespread adoption is that it has now become more difficult to map files in the physical in memory. This is because the average size of the files is rocketing by the tick of the clock, usually more than 4 gigabytes.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that a 32-bit OS works fine with a 64-bit processor but it won’t do any wonders. You’ll have to install a 64-bit OS on your machine to take full advantage of the 64-bit CPU. Also, the drivers and applications used should be designed for 64-bit processors.

Windows 64-bit version offers Kernel Patch Protection which prevents unsupported changes to the kernel of the Windows OS along with Data Execution Prevention at the hardware level. A digital signature for all the drivers is a must in order to prevent installation of modified drivers which may be used to inject malware on the machine.

The lack of software availability is a major downside for the higher bit operating system. Most of the older legacy software and drivers may not run on the 64-bit Windows. Many developers and companies are coming up with newer versions of their software products with improved compatibility. Mozilla released the 64-bit version of their Firefox browser back in December. Its adoption rate has made a considerable jump in the last decade as various manufacturers and the Windows-maker have made continual efforts to ship the 64-bit Windows either pre-installed or along with the 32-bit Windows if bought separately.

On a conclusive note, I would recommend you to go for 64-bit Windows because you need to keep in mind the future scenarios for your machine. As of now, almost every computer comes with a 64-bit processor packed in. If you’re using the older 32-bit operating system, you’re wasting the computing resources you have paid for. As far as the software availability is concerned, it is not a deal-breaker, be assured there will be plenty of them.

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What are the traditional Computer case sizes?

Traditional Case Sizes
Type Full Tower Mid Tower Mini Tower Mini Cube Desktop
Height 21-24 inches 17-19 inches 12-14 inches 7-9 inches 3-7 inches
Width 6-8 inches 6-8 inches 6-8 inches 8-9 inches 14-17 inches
5.25" bays 4-9 3-6 1-2 1-2 1-3
3.5" bays 6-12 2-6 1-2 1-2 2-4
MB Form ATX, EATX ATX microATX mini-ITX ATX, microATX
Card slots Seven Seven Four Two 2-7
power PS/2 or larger PS/2 PS/2 or SFX SFX or TFX Various

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What to do when Auto CAD shows fatal error after performance tuning of a desktop?

Running the software after restarting the windows will mostly work.

If not in programs and features select auto CAD and go for the repair option using the original Auto CAD installation Disk.

For better results do not alter memory or page file size unless it is necessary.

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'ssl://smtp.gmail.com': (13) Permission denied in Linux

Had you seen this type of error from your Linux machine while configuring SMTP?

In this case you have to check SELINUX on your system whether active or not.
If it enabled, just disabled

# vi /etc/selinux/config

SELINUX=enforcing (as)





/usr/sbin/setsebool httpd_can_network_connect=1

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how to Get install IE in Ubuntu without wine?

Hi Muthu thanks for giving this opportunity and my suggestion is as follow,
Internet Explore was purely developed by Microsoft .exe based executable software. Linux could n't support .exe based executable software.
But many sites still only works with IE for example bank site and few essential government site.
So some developer made shell script to execute IE in linux machine by using wine.

So wine is the best tool (open source) to execute windows software's from Linux machine.

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Windows Server

How to Configure AD DS ?

The first step is to assign a ip to the server that you going to deploy the AD. Its nessary to install it as DNS server too. So its better to have fixed ip it doesn't mean you cannot install AD without fixed ip address but it will solve lot of issues if you used fixed ip.
In here the server ip is Since we going to make it as DNS server too you should use the same ip as the preferred DNS server.

               Next step is to install the Active directory roles. Unlikely the older version of windows servers Microsoft highly recommend to use server manager option to install roles before you run dcpromo.
       Click on start menu and select the Server Manager

Select the roles from the right hand panel and click on add roles option.

From the roles list select the "Active Directory Domain Services" role and Click "Next"

Review the confirmation and click on "Next"

Review the installation confirmation and click on "Next"

It will take few minutes to complete and when its done you will get this confirmation. And then click on "Close"

After that you will need to do a reboot.

After reboot please open up the "server Manager" again. And then click on "Roles" there you will see the "Active Directory Domain Services" is successfully installed in there. click on it then you will get a window like below.

In their please pay attention to the message

So please click on that link and it will start the DCPROMO wizard.

So next step to go through the DC promo wizard.
To start the installation click on "Next"

Click on "Next"

Since we going to install New domain Controller in new forest please select the option "Create a new domain in new forest" option and click on "Next"

Now we have to provide the name for our domain controller. It must be FQDN. In our case I used rebeladmin.com as the domain. Please click "Next" after it.

In this window it will ask to select forest function level. If you going to add server 2003 domain controller to your forest later don't select the function level as server 2008. If you going to use full features of 2008 Ad you must select forest function level as server 2008. In my case I used server 2008. Click on "Next" after the select.

In next window since it's the first DC we should make it as DNS server too. Leave the default selection and click on "Next"

If the wizard cannot create a delegation for the DNS server, it displays a message to indicate that you can create the delegation manually. To continue, click "Yes"

In next window it will show up the database location. It its going to be bigger AD its good if you can keep NTDS database in different partition. Click on "Next" after changes.

In next window its asking to define a restore mode password. Its more important if you had to do a restore from backup in a server crash. Click on "Next" after filling it.

Next window is giving you a brief of the installation. Click on "Next"

Then it will start the installation of the AD. It will take some time to complete. After complete of the installation perform a server reboot.

After the reboot now you can login to the domain. Please use the login as following example
User name : your domain\administrator

Password : XXXXXXXX

Now its done and you can view the active directory options on administrative tools menu

Hope this tutorial is clear for you guys.

Author: Muthukaruppan
Last update: 2626-0808-161616 07:43

Is the A record for each client in the AD necessary?

The clients get their DNS records as there is a checkmark on the NIC properties (Right click the NIC, click Properties, highligt "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" and click "Properties". In the properties window, click "Advanced..." and go to the DNS tab. In the bottom there is a checkbox that says "Register this connection's addresses in DNS" which is checked by default. To prevent the clients from auto-create A-records, uncheck this box on each client (or push a script with GPO that disables it for all NICs). As to whether the record is needed or not, well, that depends. I would say that it's good to have, since you then can ping your clients using hostnames, which in many cases can be a helpfull feature both in scripting but also in standard troubleshooting.

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What is the difference between Windows 2000 Active Directory and Windows 2003 Active Directory?

Windows 2003 Active Directory introduced a number of new security features, as well as convenience features such as the ability to rename a domain controller and even an entire domain. This article breaks down some of the key AD enhancements included with Windows Server 2003.

The release of Windows Server 2003 SP1 included more improvements to Active Directory, including changes to default tombstone lifetimes, simpler troubleshooting and the ability to run domain controllers using virtualization technology.

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What is the role of DNS in Active Directory?

Active Directory relies heavily on DNS (domain name system) to function, but not just any DNS. Active Directory is highly dependent on the Microsoft DNS service found on Windows server systems or equivalents. However, though not highly recommended, it is possible integrate a non-Microsoft DNS to use with Active Directory.

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.Net Framework and SNMP installation in server

What is Dot Net Framework?
.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large class library known as Framework Class Library and provides language interoperability across several programming languages.
Programmers produce software by combining their own source code with .NET Framework and other libraries.
How to install from Windows Server?
From server .Net Framework was not an .exe as you think. It was one of the feature you have to install from your server manager.

Go to - > Server Manager - >Features -> Add Features

Select .Net Framework 3.5.1 Features -> .Net Framework 3.5 (select) ->Install - Finish

What is SNMP?
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a popular protocol for network management. It is used for collecting information from, and configuring, network devices, such as servers, printers, hubs, switches, and routers on an Internet Protocol network

How to install from Server?
The same way from above I described ->select SNMP service.
After successful installation , you might set your unique SNMP community name for security purpose
go to - services - select properties of SNMP services - security - here add or edit your community name
and your your SNMP access permission

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.Net Framework and SNMP installation in Server

What is .Net Framework?
.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large class library known as Framework Class Library and provides language interoperability across several programming languages.
Programmers produce software by combining their own source code with .NET Framework and other libraries.
How to Install?
From server .Net Framework was not an .exe as you think. It was one of the feature you have to install from your server manager.

Go to - > Server Manager - >Features -> Add Features

Select .Net Framework 3.5.1 Features -> .Net Framework 3.5 (select) ->Install - Finish

What is SNMP?
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a popular protocol for network management. It is used for collecting information from, and configuring, network devices, such as servers, printers, hubs, switches, and routers on an Internet Protocol network

How to install ?
The same way as I describe above -> here you have to select SNMP services.
after successful installation .
you might change SNMP community name for security purpose.

Go to service-> select properties of SNMP service -> security -> here add or edit your community name and specify your access permission "Access your SNMP Packets from these hosts"

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Active Directory and Active Directory Domain Services Requirements port

Protocol and Port AD and AD DS Usage Type of traffic
TCP and UDP 389 Directory, Replication LDAP
, User and Computer Authentication,
Group Policy, Trusts

TCP 636 Directory, Replication,
User and Computer Authentication, LDAP SSL
Group Policy, Trusts

TCP 3268 Directory, Replication, User and Computer LDAP GC
Authentication, Group Policy, Trusts

TCP 3269 Directory, Replication, User and Computer
Authentication, Group Policy, Trusts LDAP GC SSL

TCP and UDP 88 User and Computer Authentication Kerberos
, Forest Level Trusts

TCP and UDP 53 User and Computer Authentication, DNS
Name Resolution, Trusts

TCP and UDP 445 Replication, User and Computer SMB,CIFS,SMB2, DFSN, Authentication, Group Policy, Trusts

TCP 25 Replication SMTP

TCP 135 Replication RPC, EPM

TCP 5722 File Replication RPC, DFSR (SYSVOL)

UDP 123 Windows Time, Trusts Windows Time

TCP and UDP 464 Replication, User and Computer
Authentication, Trusts Kerberos changepassword

UDP 138 DFS, Group Policy DFSN, NetLogon, NetBIOS

TCP 9389 AD DS Web Services SOAP

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When Do Windows Servers Need to be Restarted?

A Windows Server Needs to be restarted when
1) You have installed some Security/Windows updates
2) You are going for Server maintenance
3) Fixing Memory leaks(which cannot be resolved by restarting any service or programs) which slows down the Server to its most.

Older versions of Windows servers require a weekly restart.

Author: Prithiveraj
Last update: 1616-0909-161616 07:59

Active Directory Migration from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012 R2

1. Download Windows Server 2012 R2. You also have the ability to complete this Step-By-Step in a virtual lab by downloading Hyper-V Server 2012 for free.

2. As a precaution, complete a full backup of your existing server.

3. Check the Schema version of AD DS (Before adprep) by running regedit, navigating to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\NTDS\Parameters and noting the current Schema version.

Step 1: Preparing your existing forest via the adprep command

1. Insert the Windows Server 2012 DVD into the DVD drive of the Windows Server 2008 R2 AD DS.

2. Open command prompt, and type adprep /forestprep and press enter.

3. Check the Schema version of AD DS (After adprep) by running regedit, navigating to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\NTDS\Parameters and noting the current Schema version.

Step 2: Promoting the Windows Server 2012 Server domain controller

1. Complete Step-By-Step: Adding a Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller to an Existing Windows Server 2003 network

Step 3: Verify the new Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller
1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers, expand and click the Domain Controller OU to verify your server is listed.

2. Open DNS Manager, right-click on , select Properties and then click Name Servers Tab. Verify that your server is listed inName Servers: lists.

3. Open Active Directory Sites and Services; verify that your server is listed in Servers under Default-First-Site-Name.

Step 4: Transferring the Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) Role

1. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers console on your new Windows Server 2012 computer.

2. Right click your domain and select Operations Masters in the sub menu.

3. In the Operations Masters window, ensure the RID tab is selected.

4. Select the Change button.

5. Select Yes when asked about transferring the operations master role.

6. Once the operations master role has successfully transferred, click OK to continue.

7. Ensure the Operations Master box now shows your new 2012 Windows Server.

8. Repeat steps 4 to 6 for the PDC and Infrastructure tabs.

9. Once completed, click Close to close the Operations Masters window.

10. Close the Active Directory Users and Computers window.

Step 5: Removing the Windows 2008 R2 domain controller
1. On the Windows 2008 R2 server click Start, Click Run, type dcpromo, then click OK.

2. After the Welcome to the Active Directory Installation Wizard page, be sure to leave the Delete the domain because this server is the last domain controller in the domain unchecked.

3. On the Administrator Password Page, enter your password and click Next.

4. On the Summary page, click Next, wait for the process to end, then click Finish.

5. On the Completing the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard, click Finish.

6. On the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard page, click Restart Now to Restart the server.

7. After the reboot is completed, delete the Windows Server 2008 R2 server from the domain to a workgroup and remove any unnecessary record from Active Directory Sites and Services.

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Sales and Marketing Department, Distribution & Shipping and IT Department, operating for 24 hours 7 days per week shift based operations and the other Departments are operating from 8.00a.m. To 4.00 p.m. 6 Days except Sunday.

• Financial & Account Department and Administration departments are operating 7.00 a.m. To 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday, 5 working days.


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the specified service does not exist as an installed service. unable to open the service 'tomcat6'

Recently I'd seem this problem with my Laptop running windows.
The solution has been founded, basically "Apache Tomcat" is an open source web server and servlet container developed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). It implements the Java Servlet and the JavaServer Pages (JSP) specifications and provides a pure Java HTTP web server environment for java code to run.
So we might want to set environment variable in order you have to set jave_home and jre_home

Run-sysdm.cpl-advanced-environment variable-system variables-new

JAVA_HOME=C:\Program files\java\jdk1.6.0

JRE_Home=c:\program files\java\jre1.6.0

and save the settings finally i get rid of the problem.

Author: Boobalan Rajaram
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What is Virtualization?Benefitsandtypes


Virtualization allows multiple operating system instances to run concurrently on a single computer; it is a means of separating hardware from a single operating system. Each “guest” OS is managed by a Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM), also known as a hypervisor.

What is Virtualization?
Virtualization is the process of creating a software-based (or virtual) representation of something rather than a physical one. Virtualization can apply to applications, servers, storage, and networks and is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility for all size businesses.

Definition - What does Virtualization mean?

Virtualization refers to the creation of a virtual resource such as a server, desktop, operating system, file, storage or network.

The main goal of virtualization is to manage workloads by radically transforming traditional computing to make it more scalable. Virtualization has been a part of the IT landscape for decades now, and today it can be applied to a wide range of system layers, including operating system-level virtualization, hardware-level virtualization and server virtualization.

Benefits of Virtualization:

Virtualization can increase IT agility, flexibility, and scalability while creating significant cost savings. Workloads get deployed faster, performance and availability increases and operations become automated, resulting in IT that's simpler to manage and less costly to own and operate. Additional benefits include:
*Reduce capital and operating costs.
*Minimize or eliminate downtime.
*Increase IT productivity, efficiency, agility and responsiveness.
*Provision applications and resources faster.

Server Virtualization?

Definition - What does Server Virtualization mean?
Server virtualization is a virtualization technique that involves partitioning a physical server into a number of small, virtual servers with the help of virtualization software. In server virtualization, each virtual server runs multiple operating system instances at the same time.

Data Virtualization?

Definition - What does Data Virtualization mean?
Data virtualization is the process of aggregating data from different sources of information to develop a single, logical and virtual view of information so that it can be accessed by front-end solutions such as applications, dashboards and portals without having to know the data's exact storage location.

Storage Virtualization?

Definition - What does Storage Virtualization mean?
Storage virtualization is the process of grouping the physical storage from multiple network storage devices so that it looks like a single storage device.
The process involves abstracting and covering the internal functions of a storage device from the host application, host servers or a general network in order to facilitate the application and network-independent management of storage.
Storage virualization is also known as cloud storage.

Network Virtualization?

Definition - What does Network Virtualization mean?
Network virtualization refers to the management and monitoring of an entire computer network as a single administrative entity from a single software-based administrator’s console. Network virtualization also may include storage virtualization, which involves managing all storage as a single resource. Network virtualization is designed to allow network optimization of data transfer rates, flexibility, scalability, reliability and security. It automates many network administrative tasks, which actually disguise a network's true complexity. All network servers and services are considered one pool of resources, which may be used without regard to the physical components.

Network virtualization is especially useful for networks experiencing a rapid, large and unpredictable increase in usage.

The intended result of network virtualization is improved network productivity and efficiency, as well as job satisfaction for the network administrator.

Desktop Virtualization?

Definition - What does Desktop Virtualization mean?
Desktop virtualization is a virtualization technology that separates an individual's PC applications from his or her desktop. Virtualized desktops are generally hosted on a remote central server, rather than the hard drive of the personal computer. Because the client-server computing model is used in virtualizing desktops, desktop virtualization is also known as client virtualization.

Linux Virtualization?

Definition - What does Linux Virtualization mean?
Linux virtualization is a process through which one or more virtual machines can be installed, executed and maintained on top of the Linux operating system. Linux virtualization enables the consolidation of hardware and software resources used by the Linux OS, and allows them to be shared and divided across several virtual machines and their associated processes.

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What is the best bandwidth analyzer tool for office use?

Cacti is best bandwidth analyzer tool, most of the company use this
Cost: Free
Cacti is a complete RRDTool-based graphing solution. It stores all of the necessary information to create graphs and populate them with data in a MySQL database. The frontend is completely PHP driven. Along with being able to maintain Graphs, Data Sources, and Round Robin Archives in a database, Cacti handles the data gathering. There is also SNMP support for those used to creating traffic graphs with MRTG.

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What are the Alert levels in security software? What it means? What to do?

These are widespread or exceptionally malicious programs, similar to viruses or worms, which negatively affect your privacy and the security of your computer, and can damage your computer.

TO DO: Remove this software immediately.

These are programs that might collect your personal information and negatively affect your privacy or damage your computer. For example, the program collects information or changes settings, typically without your knowledge or consent.

TO DO:Remove this software immediately.

These are programs that might affect your privacy or make changes to your computer that could negatively impact your computing experience. For example, the program collects personal information or changes settings.

TO DO: Review the alert details to see why the software was detected. If you do not like what the software does or if you do not recognize and trust the publisher, consider blocking or removing the software.

This is potentially unwanted software that might collect information about you or your computer or might change how your computer works. However, the software is operating in agreement with licensing terms displayed when you installed the software.

TO DO:This software is typically benign when it runs on your computer, unless it was installed without your knowledge. If you're not sure whether to allow it, review the alert details, or check to see if you recognize and trust the software publisher.

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What are Malwares and what they are capable of?

Computer viruses, computer worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware and adware are all different varieties of malwares. Malware exploits weaknesses in your computer software to gain access for a variety of purposes.

In personal-computer level, malware can steal information valuable to identity thieves, such as Social Security numbers, credit card information, email addresses and passwords, Certain malware applications disguise themselves as legitimate applications, or even fake antivirus applications, in order to gain access to your computer. The fake antivirus software generates pop-up windows telling you your computer is infected, and that only by buying its bogus products will you be clean.

Keystroke logging is when a piece of malware tracks every keystroke you make on your computer’s keyboard. Based on the keystrokes, hackers are able to pick out login IDs and passwords to bank accounts and whatever other websites you may be visiting.

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How to protect agianst a Malware?

Protecting against malware

Firewall software and antivirus software are two defenses against malware. Windows offers its own built-in firewall and antivirus protection, though one of the mistakes computer users make is to turn off the built-in firewall and antivirus software provided with Windows.

Unless you are using other antivirus software with a firewall function, these features should never be turned off. Instead of using Windows' firewall and antivirus protections, many users purchase third-party software for increased levels of protection. These applications index the countless malware applications that exist and act as a barricade against infiltration.

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Mail Clients & Servers

How to Configure Outlook

This tutorial shows you how to set up Microsoft Outlook 2003® to work with your e-mail account. This tutorial focuses on setting up Microsoft Outlook 2003, but these settings are similar in other versions of Microsoft Outlook. You can set up previous versions of Microsoft Outlook by using the settings in this tutorial.

To Set Up Your E-mail Account in Microsoft Outlook

    1. In Microsoft Outlook, from the E-mail Accounts menu, select Tools.
    2. On the E-mail Accounts wizard window, select Add a new e-mail account, and then click Next.
    3. For your server type, select POP3 or IMAP, and then click Next.
    4. On the Internet E-mail Settings (POP3/IMAP) window, enter your information as follows:
Your Name
Your first and last name.
E-mail Address
Your email address.
User Name
Your email address, again.
Your email account password.
Incoming mail server (POP3)
POP, Pop.secureserver.net or IMAP, imap.secureserver.net.
Outgoing mail server (SMTP)

Click More Settings.

NOTE: "smtpout.secureserver.net" is an SMTP relay server. In order to use this server to send e-mails, you must first activate SMTP relay on your e-mail account. Log on to your Manage Email Accounts page to set up SMTP relay. If you do not have SMTP relay set up and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) allows it, you can use the outgoing mail server for your Internet Service Provider. Contact your Internet Service Provider to get this setting.

  1. On the Internet E-mail Settings window, go to the Outgoing Server tab.
  2. Select My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  3. If you did not change the SMTP relay section, select Use same settings as my incoming mail server. If you changed the user name and password in the SMTP relay section of your Manage Email Accounts page, select Log on using and enter the user name and password. The following example assumes you did not change your SMTP relay section in your Manage Email Accounts page.
  4. Go to the Advanced tab, and then change the Outgoing server (SMTP) port to 80 or 3535.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Finish.

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Unable to search mails in outlook (inbox,sent items etc...)

control panel-->indexing options-->Advanced-->rebuild

rebuild takes some time depends on your mail box.

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unable to search mails in outlook(inbox,sent items etc..)

control panel-->indexing options-->advanced--> rebuild

rebuilding takes depends on your mailbox size

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My .zip attachment mail downloading as untitled file (yahoo mail)

My .zip attachment mail downloading as untitled file (yahoo mail)

When i receiving emails from one of my suppliers. the file type appears as a .zip, but when downloading the file reverts to untitled with no associated program to open the file.

MY solution
If i forward these message to another email or myself again the file downloaded and open as .zip properly.

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